Be honest….how much time do you invest in building authentic relationships with people in business? Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a side hustler, I cannot emphasize enough how critical relationships are across industries. The best way to find partnerships, collaborations, and life-long clients is through your network.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

There is a saying, “Your network is your net worth”. If you haven’t started working on building relationships with others in business, you have no idea how one relationship can lead to additional work, referrals, and strategic partnerships. One key relationship can lead to a deluge of business that can help you grow your company exponentially.

Do you have strategic partnerships in your business? Strategic partnerships are those people who share the same clients as you do, but whose services differ from yours. They are strategic, in that they work with the same clients, but they do not overlap with your services. Strategic partnerships are WONDERFUL, and are often your best referral partners as word of mouth is a very persuasive tool because it’s authentic.

Here is a real person saying you are fantastic. For example, if you’re a life coach you may want to form strategic alliances with a social media consultant, a brand strategist, a project manager, or a trademark attorney.

Look for anyone whom you would easily and happily send your clients in case they need help in other professional areas. Not only is it important to identify strategic partners, but it’s MORE important to extend a personal touch. Plan time out on a regular basis to get in touch with existing relationships, and devise a plan to meet new partners whenever you can. How can you start building authentic relationships TODAY?

List at least five people you are connected to right now on LinkedIn (1st and 2nd connections) who could easily become strategic partners and reach out to them. #networking #mompreneurs #strategy #strategicpartners #smallbusiness

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